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Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Bahrain's folk-fusion outfit Majaz release crowd-pleaser song inspired by local heritage.

As one of the leading outfits in Bahrain and the region, Majaz has been reinventing the idea of fusion music over the past few years. And with the release of the latest single, Oh Ya Mal, it seems that they have finally cracked the formula for creating music that is both challenging and accessible.

Oh Ya Mal is the first track in which the band incorporates elements of Pearl Diving music and lyrics. They have taken what they have established as their unique sound, and infused it with beats and chants that evoke the history of the island.

"Way before oil was found in Bahrain, from the 3rd century BC until the early 20th century, pearl diving was the main income of the island. When the Bahraini men used to set sails far into the treacherous seas to find some pearls, they were aware of the risk they're taking, fearing to never return home." the band say about the song.

"So they sang and danced for hours on the Dhow to forget their threatening situation. The song Oh Ya Mal is close to what they used to sing, to give you the feeling of the whole pearl diving journey"

Majaz is currently working on writing and recording new material for the follow up of their debut album released two years ago.

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