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An epic new track about inner struggles and discovering your true self released by Palayan with an equally epic animated video.

The song, 'If I Have to Grow, You Must Go', taken from Palayan’s debut album 'Metanoia’, ’is the last track on the record, and one which takes a different direction musically to the rest of the album.

“I just wanted something dramatic and euphoric to close the record,” Sandeep Savio Sequeira, the man behind Palayan, says, “I recorded a softer version first like most of the songs on my record. But somehow at the time I felt a full band format was more fitting.”

Lyrically and thematically the song is kind of interlinked. Sandeep - who is also a member of the Dubai band Counting in Spanish (formerly known as Physical Graffiti) acknowledges that then when it came to creating a video for the song, it applied another layer to the lyrics than for when the song was first written.

“Sometimes lyrics take on different meanings through the years. In the video we went for the concept of working towards a better, stronger you. This person that is embedded inside you, who you're trying to shake off,”

“There is a version of you, you are trying to be. But until the issues of the current state isn't addressed you're constantly reminded or living with this version of you. You can see that in the video. Eventually, you learn that getting rid of it may not be the solution but embracing it and accepting all the versions of you that make you, you. And when you find that moment, when you have progressed in your mind, then you can embrace that part you were trying yo get rid off.”

The animation, which was created by Anirrudh Menon, a musician from India, was initially a 14-minute film that was just lying on his hard drive after he had submitted it for his university project many years ago. “My sister who also manages palayan edits and directs most of my content on my YouTube channel, she took on the brief I have her about this concept and she took this film which was something else completely and made it come to life for the song.” added Sandeep.

The album, ‘Metanoia’, was first released in 2017.

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