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Dhahran-based alternative rock outfit fuse early 00's rock ballads with Arabic influences to create romantic but fun debut album.

What immediately strikes you about the Dahran-based five-piece is that sense of familiarity and nostalgia. Part Coldplay-ish, part early 2000’s rock ballads, the band’s debut album gives us a glimpse into not only what inspires the band, but the potential of where they can go next with their sound.

In songs such as ‘Barooh’ and ‘Wenk Ani Pt. 1’ there was an undeniable call back to the ballads of Bahraini rock legend Ali Bahar, beautiful guitars, delicate pianos and sweeping solos, all against a backdrop of Arabic lyrics that tell us tales of lost love and romance.

The five piece have built a strong and loyal following with their beautiful, sweeping ballads.

But in the more upbeat ‘My Sugar’ the band throw in flavors of funk and soul, in one of the few tracks that bassist and vocalist Mohammed Al Nahas fuses Arabic with English in his singing.

What stands out throughout the nine-track record is the callback to old school rock n roll with those guitar solos that pierce every number, which surely are more impressive when performed live.

Jwa are not breaking new grounds with this record, but they are clearly confident musicians that wear their influences proudly on their sleeves. And that can’t be much of a bad thing.

Rating: 2.5/5

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