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Kuwaiti record label drops latest compilation showcasing the latest thrilling offerings from its artists.

From the first few seconds of BLCKSTLS’s ‘Press Start’ – the first track on Kplus’s new compilation ‘Pipeline’ – the noise does not let up. The following 16 tracks are raw, brutal, inventive and at times even otherworldly.

The Kuwait-based collective has amassed a reputation for their approach in making and promoting their music. The one element that constantly stands out in everything they do is the sheer nakedness of their confidence.

And having perfected their – dare to say – formula over the years, they deliver one of the most challenging and exciting records of the year, to come out of the region. A hodgepodge of genres, styles, sounds and influences; from jungle to techno and from metal to ambient noise.

Tracks by the Ch4ins4w, dvdv and Abi Press are some of the standouts in the compilation, but it is near faultless. The way the tracks shift and morph into one another is a testament to the ingenuity of it all.

By the time the impossibly fat thudding beat of Josh Tan’s ‘Exposition’ hits, your mind has surrendered to the hypnotic assault of noise to the point that it becomes part of your consciousness.

Kalibr+ describes ‘Pipeline’ as a “collaborative effort that highlights kplus’s ability to bend musical and cultural difference into something sonically undeniable” and it’s a perfect summation of that experience.

This is music for our uncertain and chaotic times. Its energy is intoxicating, its identify unfathomable… it is dangerous. And boy do we need some danger in our music.


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