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After a long and challenging process, the four-piece Dubai-based indie band have finally released their debut full length LP, Moonlight.

Monteath have gone through a number of iterations, but since mid-2016 they have been refining their sound of clean, melody driven indie rock that calls back early 2000s American alternative music.

The song-writing and production is solid and there’s clear evidence that Josh (frontman and guitarist) and the rest of the band, have a well-rounded grasp of how to write a melodic, pop song.

In fact, one could easily see some of the songs on Moonlight being sung by any of your top modern pop artists today, especially with songs such as ‘Juniper’ and ‘Juliet’.

But even when things slow down – in the soothing ‘Hands’ for instance - there is no escaping the influences of that era of clean guitars, thick bass, melodies and soaring vocals. Monteath even manage to sneak in a hint of alt-country in ‘Follow My Heart’ and ‘Something’!

As far as looking for a fun little romp, you’ll find what you need here. Monteath’s sound might not be groundbreaking, but it takes familiar sounds and package them in a new sleeve, one that we all might want to revisit it every once in a while.


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