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The Bahrain-based duo create an ethereal instrumental record that combines melodic guitars and ambient sounds, both soothing and revitalizing.

The duo explain that Elements is a concept record that brings together their passion for nature, and telling stories through music.

This is clear from the first sounds of waves washing to shore in the opening of first track, 'Waves’.

Over the next four tracks, The July Project share a series of intimate moments that are melancholic, reflective and grounded. The guitar work on ‘Leaves’ by guest guitarist 7mnd is another highlight on the ep.

While the music can generally be seen as optimistic, there’s a sense of foreboding in the two-part track ‘Frost’ – giving way to a darker, more somber, tone.

In an era where everyone is looking for a bigger, grander sound, The July Project take a step back and focus on the quieter side of music. More restrained, more calm, and it’s a welcome shift in gear during a time where we all find ourselves slowing down, taking stock, and reflecting.


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