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Updated: Jun 16, 2019

UAE-based slow-core duo establish their sound with second album release

Blending haunting vocals with thick guitar riffs, Sail Into Night build on the sonic premise they have established for themselves with their 2016 debut with another solid effort.

'Distill' features six brand new tracks that reinforce the duo’s craftsmanship, with crispier sound and a more confident approach to their song layering. Something that is pretty evident from the first moments of 'Glass', the album opener.

Burden sounds as if Nirvana had momentarily gone goth.”

With each track, we’re washed with pregnant guitar riffs that are heavy inspire of their gentleness. ‘Burden’ sounds as if Nirvana had momentarily gone goth. You can’t escape the grunginess laced across the entire record, channeling the sharp end of the 90s golden era.

This is an extremely moody record. One that is near perfection in terms of sound, production and creativity. The question is whether or not Sail Into Night will be able to sustain the same quality, but evolve further.

Rating: 3/5

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