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LA-based Tunisian producer AELI drops second release in new “good bye” series collaborating with some of his favorite Middle-Eastern artists.

After spending years in Dubai honing his chops as a consummate producer, AELI moved recently to Los Angeles to pursue greener pastures and it seems that has brough a new edge to his work.

In this new collaborative series, following the success of his more recent projects with Ka$h CPT and Zendon Lavo, the producer and DJ handpicked a number of artists who he has tasked with the challenge of putting certain things to rest, whether it is saying good bye to a person, or giving up on a bad habit.

The project started with the release of ‘Cry Me a Valley’ with the brilliant Seki Supervillain. Dubai-based rapper Seki SuperVillain crafts a message to a girl with whom things ended up in shambles. The result is a lyrical stanza about “Toxic relationships, manipulation and being desensitized to crocodile tears when it’s too late.” as the rapper expresses

AELI’s second collaboration is a another cracker. A fierce farewell message to his rapping competitors as he leaves them behind, ‘Apostrophes’ sees Dubai-based Srilankan JustNishan showcasing his lyrical ability to play with words, highlighting his competitive spirit.

Both tracks has so far proven a successful formula, with varied results in terms of outcome. Yet still both delivering fresh cuts that demand repeat listens.

Follow AELI for the latest news on upcoming collaborations and more songs in this series.

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