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Music initiative featured wide range of online events for one month in November.

The first of its kind online music experience is to set to launch in November, bringing together a host of local, regional and international talents.

As the pandemic takes its toll on the music community and entertainment industry, it has become increasingly challenging to create a safe space in which both artists and audiences connect

Sound & Fiction started as a concept that focuses purely on the advancement and growth of local and regional music communities, and pushing creativity and innovation, through a conference and residency programming.

In its inaugural edition last year, the initiative featured live performances, talks, workshops and panels by some of the leading and pioneering voices in music. This year however, it takes on an entirely unique format.

“We realized that the impact of the pandemic will last longer than anyone anticipated, and that in such situations the arts tend to suffer most,” program founder and director Ali Al Saeed said, “We felt it is even more important now than ever, to keep our work going and create a safe platform for people to still share their music, interact with each other and engage with the community”

The Sound & Fiction Online Edition will run for a full month (Nov 1 to 30) with a long list of content being released digitally throughout. “We’re really excited to share what we have in store,” Ali said, “We’ve been experimenting with virtual events and digital content the past few months and we aim to bring all these elements together for this program,”

The program will feature a wide variety of content that revolve around the idea of sustaining music communities in challenging times, the latest trends and shifts in the music scene from a commercial and cultural standpoint, and offer fun, engaging music content. “Everything we do is aim at a niche target, fostering that alternative spirit and sense of originality.”

The lineup will be headlines by legendary Bahraini progressive-rock band Osiris, who have earlier this year released their first studio album in over a decade. They will perform a unique, instrumental only set of tracks not previously performed to the public.

“We’re quite thrilled and honored to have Osiris as part of our lineup this year,” said program director Ali Al Saeed. “They are one of the most influential bands to emerge from the region, whose music reached a global audience. And as one of the longest active bands going on 40 years, it’s incredible to have them alongside a range of other established and young, upcoming artists,”

Joining Osiris as part of the programming are the likes of Bahraini folk-fusion band Majaz, Doyoureallyikeit?, as well as Dubai-based artists Hamdan Al Abri, WYWY, and others including Kuwaiti-American band Kuwaisiana, electronic artists Kayan, Desertfish, Tarik Omar and many more.

Sound + Fiction, which will run from November 1st to 30th, is supported by the US Embassy in Bahrain, and in collaboration with Abelton, Alliance Francaise, Verano Creatives.

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