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Updated: Jun 13, 2019

The Bahrain music scene might be going through an identity crises thank to the inexplicable and inescapable rise of cover bands, but there are still a few talents that keep that glimmer of hope alive.


Confait is a young hop-hop artist who has shot to social media fame over the past year or so with his genuinely entertaining dance routines and extremely catchy flows.

The Bahrain hip-hop scene has been, even though quite active, rather stagnant and it needed a shot in the arm. A face that would represent a new generation, and reflect a more current brand of hip-hop. And it came in the shape of Abdulla Confait.

His effortless flow, peppered meticulously with local slang, is layered on top of well produced beats that compliment his raw talent. The fact that he comes “full-package” doesn’t hurt either. He sounds and looks like the real deal.

We’re expecting big things from this young man.


Sultan Saffron is the brainchild of musician Ali Milad, who has been honing his skills over the years by performing steadily with a number of bands both here and abroad, and playing regularly in Bahrain and in the US during his studies.

But it was only recently, during a stint in Dubai, that he has started playing with the idea of forming his own musical identity. He picked up his guitar and began writing his own material debuting as Sultan Saffron.

His approach to music is both organic and methodical, focusing on evolving his guitar playing skill, his vocal range and his songwriting. His music can be described as a mellower grunge ballads.

Sultan Saffron is currently in the studio working on recording an EP, to be released later this year.


The 3-piece fun-lovin' band has been building up quite a reputation for their high-energy, entertaining live sets quietly over the past few months, playing a mix of funky originals and covers.

Last year, however, they dropped their first record. The 4-track EP was raw and rough around the edges, but captured the charm and personality. There's hint of good ole 90s alternative rock, blended with funk and even the occasional mid-song rap!

This is a band that seems to genuinely be having fun doing what they do, and they have the elements to grow into a solid unit. The question now is how they can evolve their sound and bring more of that party vibe through their music.

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