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Why these top 10 tracks by these 10 brilliant artists are our favorites of the year so far.

1. Pantagonia - Galaxy Juice

The psychedelic rock band from Kuwait have a banger on their hands with this one. With space-synths, tribal drums, and electronic beats against etherial vocals.

2. Oh Ya Mal - Majaz

The folk-fusion Bahraini outfit has been progressing their sound over the years and seem to have struck the perfect balance between their unique blend of traditional instrumentation and and themes, creating a song inspired by old pearl diving music, yet still feels contemporary and fresh.

3. Show Up - Aman Sheriff

In the Dubai scene right now, no one comes close to Aman Sheriff when it comes to producing catchy pop hits that could sit in any top chart around the world. ‘Show Up’ could’ve easily been a hit from Shawn Mendes or Ed Sheeran.

4. Popsuicide - Breeze

Another fresh Dubai-based band, Popsuicide have all the hallmarks of “indie darlings”, edgy, fashionable, trendy with talent to boast. The dreampop/shoegaze feel of ‘Breeze’ reflects a band that is self-assured and confident in their sound.

5. Scorpio - Monteath

If it’s a rock anthem with a tinge of 80s synth pop you’re looking, then ‘Scorpio’ from Monteath is your jam. The track is the first lifted from their debut LP and if it’s anything to go by, we can’t wait to hear the rest.

6. Arcade Games - Doyoureallylikeit?

Look, it’s summer. What kind be more summery than a track that evokes the Beach Boys and No Doubt at the same time! ‘Arcade Games’ is bouncy and catchy, blast it on a sunny day and all is good.

7. Ember - Ala Ghawas

In an album that captures the new chapter of Ala Ghawas’s musical journey, ‘Ember’ is a beautiful reminder of the roots of his sound. Soft, tender and extremely personal.

8. Part of Me - The Relocators

The Relocators have been steadily producing solid alt-rock jams the past few years, but the band has been refining their sound for the new ‘in-the-works’ record and this is a good indication of that. Fun, crunchy and melodic!

9. To the Bone - Echohead

What can we say? Sometimes you just need a hard rocking tune to headbang to, and Echohead - the new project from Saudi-based Cody martin - delivers with plenty of oomph and style.

10. - Palayan - If You Have to Grow, You Must Go

Palayan mark their return with another epic track that transcends and transforms throughout it's 6plus minutes of runtime, both cinematic and dramatic.

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