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The Bahrain-based record label produced a unique video that is unabashedly weird and musically diverse.

Inspired by early 90s TV music shows and the weirdness of internet memes, Museland created a 1-hour special launched on YouTube, featuring a host of musical guest appearances.

The show - titled ‘The Drop’ - was created to mark the release of the latest release in the compilation series and included pre-recorded live performances, music videos and an odd and random array of visuals, clips and memes.

Averoa, Arabstract and Native Tourists (all Bahrain based) performed short sets interjected by music videos from the Kuwait-based and collective Kalibr+ with artists such as ch4ins4w and dvdv. Additional visuals were created by sound artist Hasan Hujairi.

The end result is an intriguing show that keeps viewers engaged and not quite sure what to expect next, but also delivering a solid lineup with tight sets and brilliant music. After the immediate rise of the “live stream” during the pandemic, is this the next thing?

Following the live stream, The Drop is now available to rewatch on the Museland YouTube channel.

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